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Title: Second Chance Offered

Author: Hemangi Merchant Toprani

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Second Chance Offered:

Fans of second-chance romances, gear up for a hot new read! Debut author Hemangi Merchant Toprani brings together the charm of Nora Roberts & Christina Lauren in her fluffy feel good romance!

Solo trip to Europe ☑️
Seeing the Eiffel Tower ☑️
Playing in the snow in Switzerland ☑️
Reconnecting with an old friend ☑️
Creating memories of a lifetime ☑️
Falling in love…?

At thirty-eight, Margaret Hill was set in her routine life. Married to her high school sweetheart, mother of one and grandmom-to-be, her days were filled with grocery runs, errands and ensuring that everyone in the house was fed. But when ugly truths about her marriage come to light, her happily-ever-after comes crashing down.

Now, after twenty years, Margo finds herself single and unsure of who she is. Emboldened by her best friend Kathleen and daughter Anna, Margaret decides to embark go on a solo Europe trip. The last thing she expects is for another person to be added to her solo adventure. But it’s not just someone new she just met, it’s someone she has a history with—two decades worth of history.

The years have been easy on Richard Dale, and it’s like no time has passed. He’s caring, understanding, respectful, and a valuable friend to Margo. He’s also easy on the eyes, so that’s a nice bonus! Falling in love with him would be the easiest thing Margo ever had to do.

But she’s just leaving the deep trenches after a tumultuous marriage and a long-term relationship is the last thing on her mind. Margaret tries to keep Richard at an arm’s length, but falling in love is not something you can control, is it?

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About the Author:

Hemangi, an avid reader whom you would never see without a book in hand, is a native of Mumbai, India, and is an introvert by nature, teacher by profession and writer by love, having started writing since the past few years, discovering a new, sudden love for it. She is a firm believer in happily ever after, fiction being that window of escape that everyone requires at some point of time in life!


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