The Revenge Plan by Linda Kage

After I caught my boyfriend cheating, I tried to be mature about it with an amicable split. But he took his retaliation too far, and I have officially had enough. No more Miss Nice Haven.

No one is allowed to lie to me, betray, embarrass, and devastate me, fill me with self-doubt, or put my future at risk, and expect to get away with it. He is going to feel my wrath.

Enter Wick Webster, his archenemy.

Nothing would provoke my ex more than to see me moving on with the one guy he hates most, so that’s exactly what I plan to do.

The only hitch in my brilliant scheme is Wick himself. He’s just gotta be all love-not-war and peace-is-the-only-way. He’s more concerned about helping me heal than seeking my sweet revenge.

And what the hell is it about his soothing presence and yummy looks that calls to me until I forget how much pain I’m in? He’s making it awfully hard to use and abuse him for my malicious means. The damn guy is making me fall for him.


Robin’s Thoughts

So this was a new-to-me author and I was delightfully surprised.  As soon as this book started I was drawn into this complex story where I knew I was going to be pulling another all nighter to read the entire thing.  Hence me finishing it at 12:20am and typing my review now. The detail and depth of story telling in this book I just could not put it down. Now anyone who knows me knows that cheating is a pressure point for me and I don’t normally read them.  This one the cover of the book is what intrigued me enough to read the book summary and I was all okay I will give it a shot.

The first thing I loved about this story was it was a LONG story with so many threads going I am sure Ms. Kage has a white board somewhere with all the little plot points and arrows and strings connecting all the characters with sticky notes to keep it straight. I loved her writing style! I was able to get into her rhythm I was amazed that it was on a real pace for a relationship not a wham bamm thank you ma’am revenge story.  The slow burn between Wick and Haven was honest and believable and I adored their banter and how the their friendship blossomed.  But Ms. Kage also threw us a twist with Henry I was who the heck is the person *don’t glance at the back page…don’t just read faster* I loved him, then hated him, then questioned him and then loved him again. Read it you will understand! I can vouch for him now that I am on the other side.

Haven was a honest and believable girl who was experiencing her first relationship fall to pieces in front of her own eyes.  She found her boyfriend sleeping with her roommate and fight or flight *me myself I am also flight*.  So I connected with Haven quickly and just wanted to give her a hug.  She then literately runs smack dab into her cheating, backstabbing *let me get my bitey dogs after him* ex-boyfriends nemesis, Wick. What to say about Wick? I love Wick, you will love Wick we all want a Wick of our own. I want to wrap him in bubble wrap just so he is protected as more and more of this story develops you just want to lock these two in a closet until they finally talk. The twist of the actual revenge plan was a beautifully setup and executed. My only complaint was how the ex who we shall not name in this review kinda faded into the back ground and you never saw the final fall from the spotlight.

The second most fun part of the story was how much I not only cared about the main characters but Ms. Kage brought in so many friends and family members I still can’t keep them all straight but every single one of them served a specific purpose and led to more deep characters and a well developed story timeline.  I still want Mama Gamble to adopt me too just saying. *who hasn’t wanted to make their ex feel the pain you have felt after a breakup?*

This is not just a story of revenge in fact that seems to be a side plot to me.  This is a story of recognizing a toxic relationship and getting out and the healing process.  So I highly *you hear me that means go out and one click this on amazon now* recommend this book as I myself will be stalking Ms. Kage’s site for other reading material.  WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? Click the book cover below and go have a wonderful evening with Wick, Haven, Henry and the rest of the family.

Favorite quotes

Alright. Let’s go kill that cheating son of a B**** who ruined my little girl.

“I don’t want her here because, you know…boobs.”


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*I received and ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review