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Author: Kristen Casey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Finding a Husband:

Molly O’Connell does not need a man. Boston is filled with men, few of them reliable. What she does need is a job, and she knows exactly which one she wants—there’s a law firm hiring down in Wilmington, North Carolina, and it’s an ideal opportunity. Warm weather, pristine beaches, a reliable paycheck…how could she go wrong? Heck, her brother-in-law has even hooked her up with a tour guide. It’s perfect.
Jake Alexander knows Molly is off-limits. Man, does he ever know. But when he agreed to show her around town as a favor to a friend, he never expected her to be quite so incredible. Gorgeous. Unforgettable. And his total inability to think of anything but her is going to be trouble with a capital T. Molly, bless her heart, is interviewing with his dad’s law firm—and if his guess is right, she’s a shoo-in. And Jake…well, he’s sort of engaged. God help him, he probably should have mentioned that right from the beginning.
Why does Molly have to fall for the one man in creation she shouldn’t want? And can she make a life for herself in this new place without him? Wait and see.
Book Three in the Second Chances series. This book contains no cliff hangers, no cheating, and one guaranteed happily-ever-after!

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Finding a Husband Excerpt

©2017 Kristen Casey


They took a winding route, but finally Jake turned onto a deserted-looking, sandy little lane. He drove to the end—nosed his car right up to a rope slung between two wooden posts—then shut off the engine.

“Let’s go,” he told her, blue eyes shining.

Jake pulled an old soft quilt from his trunk, and holding Molly’s hand tight in his, he led her around the rope and onto a lonely stretch of beach. The sky arched wide and inky over them, dusted with a million stars. Molly craned her neck and looked, trying to pick out constellations. A slight breeze tickled her skin, the surf advanced and retreated in front of them, and Jake stood tall and strong beside her. It seemed like a dream.

He shook the quilt out and spread it on the sand, then beckoned to her. They sat side-by-side, but Jake pulled Molly down to lie flat, her head cradled on his chest.

He held her close. “Close your eyes,” he whispered. “Listen.”

Molly heard the waves crashing. Birds, too—not the cawing seagulls of daytime, but other, sleepier-sounding ones. The breeze rustled through the bushes and seagrass growing nearby. Jake’s heart beat under her cheek, slow, steady, strong. Would it be so wrong to fall in love with a heart like that? Jake was an amazing man. If Molly got the job at his dad’s firm like she hoped, she would have time to get used to the idea that he was special. Time to trust him. Time for Jake to assuage her misgivings about how fast she was losing her heart, and time to believe that there was no sordid underbelly lurking beneath the surface, waiting to ambush her.

“Now look,” he murmured, and Molly did. Up at the huge orange moon hanging low in the sky, and reflected in a wavering stripe across the ocean’s surface. At the pinpoints of stars winking in the vast, black velvet of space. And at the length of Jake’s muscled arm pointing up.

Molly watched for a long while, and Jake seemed perfectly content to keep things as they were. But his scent and warmth, combined with the beautiful scenery, were working their magic on her. She propped herself up on an elbow and leaned down to kiss him. His lips were soft and eager against hers. Molly trailed her hand down and toyed with the button at his waistband. Jake liked that too—at first.

But then his body went stiff and he laid a hand on Molly’s arm, shaking his head. Denying her small effort to take things further.  Molly was confused, sort of mortified…until she noticed the sweeping beam of light heading across the sand toward them. In moments, it landed square on her face, blinding her. She reared back and covered her eyes with a pained exclamation.

“Hey, Bobby,” Jake said calmly, sitting up and brushing off his shorts.

“Hey, Jake. What’re ya’ll doing out here?” a voice inquired, as if the answer weren’t patently obvious.

Molly blinked through the glare of the flashlight, and caught sight of the patch on the other man’s sleeve. Crud—a cop. It was like high school all over again.


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About Kristen Casey:

Kristen Casey writes heartfelt contemporary romances with plenty of heat, relatable characters, and witty dialogue. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, and assorted cats, and in her free time enjoys all things crafty—especially projects she discovers on Pinterest.
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