Fear the Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

The Dixie Wardens Rejects MC Series Book 2

MC Romance

Tally is a twenty-year-old single mother struggling to finish nursing school.  Has she made mistakes in life? Sure, but her daughter isn’t one of them.  She works hard, she studies even harder, and she’s only a few weeks away from graduating.

She’s living her life the best knows how when she witnesses a near miss motorcycle accident between a car and a biker.  A biker that happens to be the most talked about teacher at her college.

The moment she meets those startling blue, narrowly-escaped-death eyes, she realizes quickly that life as she knows it has changed. No longer will she be content to let life pass her by, even if it puts everything she’s worked so hard for in jeopardy.


Tommy is a highly skilled doctor. A teacher. A veteran. A fully-patched member of The Dixie Wardens MC. He’s lonely, but also set in his ways. What will it take for this man to accept that he needs to make some changes in his life? Apparently, it’ll take a guy in a truck, who’s preoccupied with his phone rather than focused on the road, nearly plowing into him on his bike at seventy miles per hour. Oh, and a twenty-something year old nursing student witnessing the entire thing from only a few feet away.

It only takes a second, a single heartbeat in time, as he looks into her worry-filled eyes to realize that he’d give anything for a single night with her. He may lose his job in the process, but after that one incredible night turns into an amazing weekend, he knows it’s worth the risk for the promise of her forever.



Robin’s Thoughts

It has been a few since my last review as I have been crazy with site rebuilds and work.  With that said I received this book for an honest review and I pat myself on my back for making such a wonderfully surprising choice.  This was the first book I have read that was written by Ms. Vale and don’t be surprised when I start searching for every other book to complete my collections.

This book had me hooked almost from the first words after the Title and cover made me crack up and decide I had to read it.  Then with me being on a bit of a MC Romance kick here recently (Thanks to my friends you know who you are!) it was looking up for this read. This book which I later found out is number 2 in a series of 4 so far (YAY FOR ME!) was a wonderfully happy find.  The forbidden part of the romance in this book leads to you cheer for the couple even though everything seems to happen quickly.  The background and interweaving of the characters in not only this main couple but in the minor characters histories shows the depth of character that Ms. Vale is putting into her stories.  More bonus points for her!

Talith’s aka Tally is a loveable single mother who is just trying to do right with her life.  Her life took a hard right turn when she found out she was pregnant.  This only made her want to succeed in being the best mother she could be for her daughter in all situations.  I could find myself identifying with many of the choices Tally was faced with.

Dr. Tomirkanivov aka Dr. Tommy (or as I and others like to refer to him Dr. Bones) a fully patched member of the Dixie Wardens Reject makes me want to run to find his ER as quickly as possible.  As a professor, ER Doctor and MC member covered in tattoos and a beard he is a lot of goodness all rolled into one!  Dr. Tommy is trying so hard to do what is right and not let the past cloud all issues when Tally walks into his world.  The steamy chemistry is off the charts in this one.

The twists and turns in this novel even threw me (an experienced reader who most of the time can figure out where an author is going) for a loop as I was NOT expecting to go where Ms. Vale took us. I could not help but want to cheer for these two, the chemistry and push and pull of their fate then tossing in the rest of the chaos going on around them.  You will not want to put this book down until the end.  The multiple plots and characters lead you to believe that this will be a very interesting world Ms. Vale is leading us into and I hope for many new books to keep us all happy. *Sign me up!! Sign me up!!* So grab you a fire extinguisher and a nice quiet place to read this hot steamy romance.  I promise you will not put it down till you finish every word!

The hardworking men in this book grabbed me by the heart and willing climbed on the back of their bikes for the exciting ride. *Rushing off to find more of Ms. Vale’s books to read*

My rating 5 HEARTS!!



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