About the Book

Title: Passion of a Witch

Author: K.D. Friedrich

Genre: Paranormal Romance

In a few weeks, Summer Leery will be mated. For most witches, it’s a time to celebrate, but Summer isn’t smiling. Her upcoming union is one of convenience, not love, contracted between her family and one of the most powerful families in the coven. As always, Summer’s loyalty remains with her kin and the traditions she’s expected to follow. No matter how much she detests her future husband. With her parents off to secure her nuptials, Summer is eager to enjoy her last moments of freedom.

Kian Lancaster’s relationship with his father is volatile. So finding himself at the bastard’s mercy is the last place Kian wants to be. Unfortunately, he has no choice. His mother is suffering from an unknown illness and needs constant care. Care that costs money. Money Kian doesn’t have. With little options, he lets his father pay his mother’s mounting medical bills, knowing the offer comes with a heavy price. Kian must work for his father’s ruthless company. Looking to forget his bleak future, he plans a nostalgic night of liquor and fun in the local woods. Unaware his destiny lurks in the shadows of towering pine.

Summer is shocked to find a human trespassing on her family’s land. More surprising is that the Goddess to all witches demands Summer welcome the cursed intruder. Summer has no time to waste playing host to a foolish human. No matter how handsome. With her wedding weeks away, Kian’s a temptation she can’t afford to entertain. But when her deity makes a decree to bring the male into the supernatural world… what’s a witch to do?

Kian’s about to find out. For the first time in his life, a woman didn’t fall to her knees to please him. Summer’s apathy shackled his lust and refused to let go. Kian knows he should stay away from Summer, but when it comes to this woman, he can’t get enough.

Their attraction is instant, their desire intense. Two hearts forced together by the will of a Goddess. Is Summer strong enough to resist Kian’s charm? Or will she risk it all to taste the power of love?



“Why are you so scared?” Even with lust surging through his veins, the need to show her gentleness overcame him. His hands lifted to her face and cupped her cheeks. The pads of his thumbs stroked the softness of her skin.

She sighed and leaned into his palm. “I’m not,” she whispered as her eyes closed. “I fear nothing.”

He smiled. “Then why are you trembling?” As he drew a line over her bottom lip, her tongue darted out to taste the tip of his thumb. His cock jerked at the contact.

He was a bastard to find satisfaction in her reaction, but her heated response made his chest expand and a smug grin tug at his lips. He drew her closer. Her sexy gasp assured Kian she wasn’t immune to his presence.

Amazed at his reaction to her, he gazed into her eyes. How did the mere brush of a woman’s skin possess so much power over him?

At this moment, he’d do whatever she asked just to keep himself connected to her. To move his hand lower, he’d fall to his knees and crawl across hell.

The temptation made him ache. It made him want things he had no right to desire. He didn’t do relationships. Oh, he made sure a woman found pleasure, but no matter how far she dug, she’d find nothing more. He never whispered sweet words or shouted promises of forever. Summer deserved more, but the truth did little to stop the intense drive clawing at his insides to lay her delectable body on the moist grass and fuck her until the only sound to leave her lips was his name.

Given the chance, he knew what he’d do first. He’d slide his palm between her full breasts, along the contours of her rounded belly, and lower still until his fingers brushed her hot, wet pussy.

“No!” She slipped free of his grasp. He let her go. “We can’t. I… you… you need to leave.”

Walk away? Not a damn chance.

A drop of perspiration disappeared behind her low collar, drawing his attention to the sheen forming across her chest. He bet her sweet pussy wept for him, drenched with need and soaked in the delectable scent of her sexy, feminine desire. He licked his lips, almost tasting her there. He swallowed back the lump now formed in his dry throat, eager for her sweet nectar to satisfy his hunger. His gaze lifted to find her perfect mouth parted, inviting him, offering him an undeniable dare.

He resisted.


Author Bio

K. D. Friedrich is a writer of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. A lifelong New Yorker, an overprotective mother (her daughter’s words), and an obsessed reader of everything romance. Most days, you can find her hard at work, creating intricate worlds and compelling characters, hot alpha heroes being her favorite. Her novel, Soul Tie Seduction, placed second in the 2013 Golden Palm contest for Paranormal Romance and was a finalist in the 2016 Golden Quill for Paranormal Romance.




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