Robin’s Thoughts

May contain spoilers you guys know me I get excited when I am talking about new books.

I was given a copy of this book for my honest opinion and boy was I surprised!  I mean with an eight sentence book summary I was unsure if I would enjoy it but I will for sure be moving this book into my keeper pile.  I took this one with me and read it while I was relaxing on the beach.  It suited the setting of the book to which had me laughing.  Nathaniel and Ashlyn’s uniqueness make them the perfect couple.  Both are struggling with two options to change the direction of their lives and end up making life changing decisions that lead to them meeting.

“That’s me, 50% scientist, 50% pirate, 100% sexy alien.”

Nathaniel Lachlan, a founding son of Vandwa, is a Ph.D. who is known throughout his world for helping with their planets environmental issues.  Then you find out he is also moonlighting as a pirate trying to get supplies to refugee camps where they are desperately needed.  So many secrets and hidden sides to Nat and I loved uncovering each one.  You know we all love a good boy gone bad boy to save the day story.

Ashlyn O’Connor, a young woman who is struggling to work as a seamstress after not taking her scholarship to become an environmental scientist to take care of her younger brothers after their mother’s death.  She then decides to help her younger brother Marlin who has huge gambling debts and becomes a Mail Order bride with Terra mates. I loved when Ashlyn finally leaves her brothers so they have to start taking care of their own issues.  When the representative from TerraMates told her the quote below I couldn’t help but wonder where on earth Ms. Lace was going.  But I buckled in to enjoy the ride.

“Not everyone is looking for Prince Charming to swoop in and save them from their lives, Miss O’Connor.  Most of our clients are rational women who are looking for someone compatible.  They want security, not passion.  And they find it. “

Guess Ashlyn got lucky when she got passion too.  From when Ashlyn stepped off the starship into the carnival-like Dass Vasser spaceport I knew this book would be a whirlwind ride.  There were several times that I wanted to reach into the book and just smack Marlin, Jeremy, and Tim or even Nathaniel and Ashlyn when I knew they were making the wrong choice.  I advise you to stick with it and don’t worry about some of the jumps it will all make sense in the end and you will love it.  If you love pirates, aliens and romance this book is a pleasant surprise and a quick read.

Rating Excellent!