Skin and Bones
Susan Harris
Published by: Crimson Tree Publishing
Publication date: June 7th 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Teens are turning up dead, and it will take a special team to catch a killer.

Derek Doyle has been a member of the Paranormal Investigations Team since the monsters revealed themselves to the world. Considering that he thinks a monster is needed to catch a monster, he’s definitely in the right place. As a lone wolf not used to letting many people in, neither man nor beast was prepared for the effect consultant Dr. Ever Chace has on them.

Growing up human in a world of supernatural creatures, Dr. Ever Chace has always felt a need to be special, to stand out. When asked to consult on a case where teens are being brutalized, she relishes the chance to make a difference and help stop a monster. But working alongside a wolf who she’s so drawn to could be the beginning of something Ever might never have envisioned.

Fate and Destiny have a funny way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. With a murderer on the loose, Ever and Derek will have to put their attraction to one another aside while the hunt continues.

Easier said than done… right?

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They left the station and made the short journey to his car. Again, he opened the door for her, and she slid in with an easy smile. He rounded the car and slipped into the driver’s side. Derek started the engine and reversed, edging the car out of the parking spot before he snuck a peek at Ever.

Her eyes were closed, and the faint sound of her breathing was all he heard as Ever fell asleep beside him. He had no idea where she lived, and he was loathe to wake her.

Home, take home, the wolf spoke to him, projecting his thoughts into Derek’s human mind.

With little option left, he drove the car to his house close to the airport and parked. Getting out of the car, he went around, opened the passenger door, and very carefully hoisted Ever up into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. His wolf howled its approval as the soft heat of her breath danced on his neck.

He shuddered under the intense feeling of pleasure that rippled through him, instantly feeling guilty because of the horrors the poor teens had been subjected to. But as Ever’s breathing deepened and dusk began to settle on the city, Derek strode into his house, startled by a stunning realization. This woman in his arms called to him on a most primal level and captivated both man and wolf.
Goddamn it—he wanted to keep her.

Promo 2

Interview with the Warlock.

*May contain language not suitable for younger readers*

The time is currently 12.30pm and I’ve been waiting for the bones of a half hour for my interview subject to turn up. Since I started cataloguing the lives of the Paranormal Investigations Team from the side-lines, interviewing members of the team has scared me half to death. But, as I sit here awaiting the arrival of Richard, “Ricky” Moore, my nerves have doubled and I consider upping sticks and leaving.
Just as I have made the decision to leave, the door swings open and in strolls Ricky. Dressed in jeans, black boots and a short sleeved ACDC tee, Ricky looks the epitome of a grunge God- very Kurt Cobain. His shoulder length black hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail, with his eyes covered by sunglasses. I can’t help it, my heart skips a beat as Ricky removes his shades and I get the full Ricky Moore charm offensive.
Beautiful moss green eyes twinkle with mischief, the warlock grinning as he apologizes for being late. I tell him it’s grand and glance down at my notes, trying to be professional. When Ricky is relaxed, sitting cross legged in front of me, I begin my questioning.

ME: Hey Ricky, thanks so much for talking time out to chat with me.
RM: No problems darling. Anything for a pretty lady. (his smiles deepens, revealing almost too cute dimples.)

Me: Let’s start easy…What’s your full name? When were you born?
RM: Richard, Spencer, Ignatius, Moore. Born July 9th 1987. If you laugh, I’m gonna be pissed.)
Me: No laughing I swear. (while biting the inside of my mouth to supress a giggle as he pretends to glares at me.)

Me: What religion are you, Ricky?
RM: (With a snort of laughter) The bloody Irish and our religions. Did you get some of your questions from the census? Feel like I’ve answered these questions before. (he flashes me a teasing smile and I return it.) I don’t really practice a set religion but if I had to label it, I guess I am kinda sorta wiccan. I definitely try and follow their rede …. I am just not always good at it lol … sometimes things just need to get done – whatever the cost.

Me: What kind of car do you drive?
RM: Ford Focus RS. She’s a beaut.

Me: What do you most dislike about your appearance?
RM: (Ricky arches his eyebrow.) Nothing. I’m gorgeous. Next question please. (He waves his hand in the air and I can only obey. And agree with him)

Me: What is the quality you most like in a woman?
He scrubs his jaw with his knuckles while he contemplates my question.
RM: Loyalty. You need someone in your life that you can trust. Someone that won’t run out the door when shit gets tough and you know will be there at the end of day, no matter how late you come home.
I’m shocked to hear anger laced in his words. I might not be a profiler, but I pretty sure Ricky’s been hurt before.

Me: What do you most value in your friends?
RM: The same I suppose. You need to know your friends have your back, will be there to catch ya when you fall. I’m lucky to have that…but shh, don’t tell them I said that.

Me: Have you ever cheated on a partner?
RM: People who cheat on their significant other are just plain scum. Next question.

Yup, definitely think he’s had his heartbroken before.

Me: Who are your heroes in real life?
Leaning back in his chair, Ricky folds his arms across his chest and grins.
RM: My team are rock stars. We hunt and apprehend the worst of the worst. Those guys all have their own B.S to deal with, but we are the best at what we do.
Me: That’s very sweet.
RM: You’ll realize I said we right? I’m for sure my own hero.
(Then again maybe not.)
Me: What’s your greatest regret?
RM: I don’t have regrets. You make a mistake and you learn from it. People who live with regrets, always looking back, never experience this big ole world we live in. So nah, I’ve no regrets. I’ve had major fuck-ups, but I’ve learned a hell of a lot from them.

Me: Ricky, what sort of music do you enjoy? Favourite song?
Ricky takes the time to fold his right leg over his knee.
RM: I enjoy most genres of music unless the songs are just utter tripe. Lyrics in songs should have meaning, not just repeats of the same line over and over again. I mean c’mon, anything with the lyrics bitches and hoes, is not real music.
Fave song, easy… Foo Fighters, The Pretender.

Me: We should get to some of the more important questions, if that’s okay?
RM: Sure, I can’t wait to see what you think are more important questions.

Me: Marvel or DC? Fave comic book hero?
RM. (Chuckles) Sweetheart, you know exactly the right questions to ask. Marvel for sure and you just have to go with Captain America for that right? I mean, he is truth, justice and the American way.
Me: So no point asking if you were TeamCap or TeamIronMan for Civil War?
RM: #TeamCap for the win.

Me: (Continuing on with a little geeky smile on my face.) Have you ever been drunk? What are you like when you stay up all night?
RM: Haha…stupid question darling. Hell yeah, I’ve been drunk…you ever tried going for pints with a werewolf and trying to drink him under the table? No, those morning afters are not pretty let me tell ya.
I burst out laughing as the image of Ricky hungover pops into my head.
RM: So not funny like. To answer your question, after staying up all night, I look as handsome as always. You know people pay good money to have that ‘I just rolled outta bed and look sexy as fudge’ look. That’s me for damn sure.

Me: What do you wear to bed? Have you any tattoos or piercings?
RM: Is this for your personal files babe, or something? Shit just got personal.
Me: (Holding up my fingers in the girl guides salute.) I swear these are questions readers wanted to know! Don’t shoot the messenger.
Both his eyebrows go up, and his gaze is so intense I feel my cheeks redden.
RM: Sure babe, whatever you say. Answer to first part; sweet FA. And I sure do, but I ‘aint showing you.

Me: What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?
RM: Disney movies. That shits just heart-breaking. I’m still not over Mufasa’s death.

Me: What are you most afraid of?
RM: Oblivion.
Me: Pardon? (I’m unsure if I misheard or he just quoted one of my fave books.)
RM: Oblivion. And yes, I have read The Fault in Our Stars… don’t put that in the interview…you so will won’t you… Donnie’s gonna take the piss for months now.
Me: I think female readers of this interview will fall a teeny bit more in love with you after reading that.
RM:(He leans forward and winks.) Well, okay then.

Me: You work very closely with Agent Derek Doyle and have done so for many years. What’s it like to work with him, and what’s the worst thing ye’ve done together?
RM: D’s my boy. He’s lightened up so much over the years, but he’s solid. I couldn’t ask for a better person to watch my back. (He bounces his leg on his knee and a mischievous twinkle brightens his eyes.) So this one time, when we were in Clare- we were undercover and had to infiltrate a band of motorcycle criminals and D, he –
The door opens and the gorgeous Derek Doyle pops his head in.
DD: Finish that story Rick and I’ll tell them what happened with the stripper in Liverpool.
RM: Spoilsport.
DD: Sorry for the interruption Ms. Harris. Carry on.
It’s all I can do to nod, as I end up on the receiving end of a rare Derek Doyle smile.
Derek slaps Ricky on the back of the head and turns to leave.
RM: Loves you too honey!
He looks at me and shrugs.
Me: We could talk about what happened in Liverpool?
RM: (Chuckles) Nice try, next question…
In my defence, I tried.

I’m coming close to the end, time running out far too quickly. I’ve notice in my observation the way Ricky looks at the tech girl Melanie, but I’m subtle with my last few questions.

Me: Ricky, would you give a girl flowers or chocolate?
RM: Neither. Chocs and flowers are too obvious. I’d sing a song or go old school. Give a girl a mixtape. Be original; not predictable.

Me: Describe your ideal mate.
Ricky takes his time in answering, brushing a stray wisp of hair from his face. When he does answer though, I totally get the feeling he’s speaking of someone in particular.
RM: She’s gotta be smart and know her own mind. Fiery with a thirst for life. Loyal and trustworthy. Someone who sees me for who I am, and loves me regardless. It’s not about being the ideal person for me; it’s about me being worthy of them.

Me: Ricky, thanks for answering my questions today. I know they’re kind of personal, but that’s why I’m here; to get to know you better. One last question…What is your idea of perfect happiness?
RM: Perfect happiness? For me, I guess, good friends, good music, falling in love with someone who loves me back. Being left alone to be who I am without any inherited bullshit. To be good police and save some lives.

I thank him for his time, shivering as he lifts my outstretched hand and presses his lips to the back of my hand. Ricky lets go of my hand, covers those beautiful eyes with his dark shades and with a big grin strides from the room.
It’s hard not to fall in love with the enigma that is Ricky Moore. He is charming, romantic, and has all the right answers. And memorable, because after leaving the station, heading home and siting down to type up my interview, I’m still left feeling flushed by the charm. And those haunting moss green eyes.


Author Bio:

Susan Harris is a writer from Cork in Ireland. An avid reader, she quickly grew to love books in the supernatural/fantasy genre. When she is not writing or reading, she loves music, oriental cultures, tattoos, anything Disney and psychology. If she wasn’t a writer she would love to be a FBI profiler or a PA for Dave Grohl or Jared Leto.

Susan Harris is the author of Shattered Memories.

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