A Legend is Born

T.L. Phillips


From orphan at fourteen to immortal royalty at nineteen, how the heck did that happen?


Nineteen-year-old Lissa witnessed the brutal murder of her parents by blood-thirsty vampires at the tender age of fourteen. She would have suffered the same unpleasant fate had tall, dark, and mysterious stranger Max not intervened. Every night since Lissa, along with an elite group of fighters, trains and patrols the mostly abandoned streets around the city of Buffalo, NY. They quietly thwart the dastardly plans of rogue vampires and cursed shifters in an attempt to protect mankind.


Having been told that all shifters are evil, Lissa is taken by surprise when she learns that there are good ones in the world – the Guardians. And she’s bonded with one of them, an ultra-rare occurrence amongst Guardians in recent years and unheard of between a Guardian and a mortal. When a typically fatal injury threatens to end her, her bond-mate throws caution to the wind and uses his own blood to save her. The consequences could be disastrous when Lissa wakes up to find she is no longer human, and not only a shifter herself but the shifter queen.



I shook off the new wave of ice that ran through me and walked away without another word, obviously nothing I said was helping. And I wasn’t about to stand there and let her threaten me. I controlled my pace until I was sure Suzie couldn’t see me, I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of seeing me run away.

Three blocks from the house I had to stop. My muscles throbbed from the abuse of running at top speed and my lungs burned from lack of oxygen. Despite years of training, I still wasn’t prepared for such exertion. I was struggling to catch my breath when the stench of burned sugar and vinegar burned my throat.

I reached for Michael only to find my hip holster gone from where it was only an hour before. I didn’t have time to figure out when I lost it because pain exploded through my arm as silver, tentacle-like fingers wrapped tightly around my wrist. Something cold and wet slithered along my flesh as it wrapped its tongue around my throat. I shuddered and spun away from the nearly invisible demon, jerking to a stop an arm’s length away. It still had its death grip on my arm.

Without Michael, my only chance at survival was to break free and run for home. I pulled a stake from my jacket and stabbed the air, hoping to hit the strange demon’s appendage. I’d never seen anything like it before and wasn’t sure if it would be enough to kill the beast, but it was my best shot at breaking free. The first several strikes missed their mark, catching nothing but air.

The instant the tip of my dagger touched its limb it let out an ear splitting screech as smoke snaked up from the contact point. I continued to drive the stake into it until it released me. I turned to run only to be caught by two more. The pain from one was barely tolerable, add a second one and it was all I could do to stay conscious. And I barely managed that.

Unable to move due to the pain, I stood there and watched in horror as the first one glided toward me. His featureless face contorted to reveal a cavernous hole lined with hundreds of tiny, sharp teeth dripping with a green viscous goo I’d never seen before.

Pain continued to consume my body as I struggled to free myself. When it reached me, it hissed and ran its slimy tongue from my chin to my temple before stabbing it into my gut. The two that were holding me let go and I collapsed at their feet, or at least where their feet would be if they had them.

I was dead and I knew it, the burning hole in my gut oozed black goo and I could feel my life slowly draining away. I caught a glimpse of Suzie across the street looking relaxed and smug. “Suzie! Help…”

Author Bio
T.L. Phillips is a 30-something stay-at-home caretaker that loves to curl up with her cat and a great book. As a writer, she strives to tell compelling stories that readers will enjoy curling up with. When she’s not occupied with the myriad of tasks above, she’s an avid gamer with a love for all things crafty from crocheting to wood-burning and all things in between.

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