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Mali & Em
Halfway House Series Book 5
Author : Dzintra Sullivan
Emerson and Zamali
Wolf twins together forever
One single moment, one failed exam, one single word
will separate them for life, banished to the island of shadows for eternity.
When Zamali fails her paranormal safety exams (PSA) and is sent to the island of shadows, Emerson is a lost and broken wolf. Styx the local pack leaders sassy daughter tells him to either shut his muzzle or grow some balls and rescue her, that instant in Emerson’s head the plan is hatched.
No one has ever returned from the island, stories of shadow walkers and vicious creatures that drop from trees and decapitate you, have stopped anyone’s attempts of rescue… until now.
Will Emerson get to Zamali?
Will they both get off the island alive?
Can they do the impossible?
Or will the island engulf them both?


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Author Bio


Australian born and bred, happily married to a wonderful Canadian man, and we have been blessed with 4 amazing children. (Most of the time anyway) I love all things paranormal, my main attraction to it is the impossible being made possible. I am a hopeless romantic, and love a HEA in my books. If it has fangs, fur, wings, or halos I am all over it… (And anything in between) I am strange and weird and kooky, but in saying that I am loyal and lovable and honest. I hope you enjoy my books and look forward to meeting you all.
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Instagram: dzintra_sullivan_author

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