I picked this as another book to review as an audio book.  All I knew was it was a first book in a young adult paranormal series.  I thought why not.  Holy cow did I find a true gem in a little hidden book series that I have now looked up and know that it has 5 books so far!  Hidden Wings is book 1 followed by Descent (book 1.5), Broken Wings (book 2), Tethered Wings (book 3) and Gilded Wings (book 4).  I plan on reading the rest of the series as soon as possible. Susannah Jones was the narrator for this book and she was amazing.  I was enthralled by her voice as she told this story.  Five gold stars for her performance.

This story written by Cameo Renae was amazing from the first word.   The main character Emma Wise is only seventeen and after being the sole survivor in her family’s car crash in the first couple of pages you find yourself walking in her shoes as she is whisked away to Alaska by a previously unknown relative.  This high school seniors’ world is turned upside down, losing her family, her friends, everything.   Quickly you learn about Darklings, Fallen, Guardians and Angels with a mystery running the entire book of who Emma’s Aunt is.  Who knew that Alaska could be so fun!  Kade is handsome, funny, protective and I am keeping my fingers crossed for them.  There are secrets and an age old prophecy revealed that will send  you spinning out of control.  There are so many lovable characters in this series there is someone for everyone to connect with.  I don’t want to give anything away and reveal any spoilers but this adventure thoroughly caught my attention and I listened to all 7 hours in one sitting.

Cameo did a wonderful job developing her characters and they quickly become your friends as you follow along on their adventure.   The pace was spot on and was easily believable.  The characters are real in a breathtaking scenery you can see with perfect descriptive details.  Fight scenes were great and I could follow them in my head word for word.  There are no sex scenes but tension that is age appropriate in this and I highly recommend this book to all fans of Young Adult fantasy!  Whether you purchase a paperback, e-book or audio book version you will not be disappointed.

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A Hidden Wings series:  Hidden Wings | Descent | Broken Wings | Tethered Wings | Gilded Wings

 Rating: 5 Hearts


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