Touching Paradise is an erotic paranormal BBW shapeshifter romance of 41,000 words. Contains BDSM elements of dominance and submission.

Despite his billions in the bank, Koenraad is a shark shapeshifter haunted by secrets and regrets. Unable to move on with his life, he relentlessly patrols the waters near the island he once considered home.  Fate puts the beautiful Monroe in his path, and duty demands he offer his services, but one look into her eyes and he knows the lonely, frightened woman secretly yearns for adventure.

Monroe is having a hard time getting into the vacation spirit. She’s surrounded by powdery white sand and swaying palm trees, but she’s terrified of the ocean. When her tour boat breaks down at sea, she’s thrilled to skip the so-called trip of a lifetime. However, a gorgeous man with a sleek yacht is determined to change her mind… and maybe her life.



I found this book while searching thru Amazon for something new to read.  There are many different types of shifter books out there wolves, bears, lions and tigers, but I have to say that this was the first time that I have ever seen the shifter be something like a shark.  Yes, Koenraad is a legendary Shark shifter.  I was hooked.  I quickly read thru this first book in awe.  The story is one that will grab you within the first couple of pages of the prologue and you can’t read it fast enough.  The concept and characters are amazing and well thought out.  I like the way this author can make you feel the ocean.  With chemistry and red hot relationship between Koenraad and Monroe I highly recommend this series.

Koenraad is a shark shifter – a wereshark.  A great white shark hero billionaire with multiple yachts living in an ocean paradise.  You will find out soon what he is searching the ocean for and like me your heart will break.  Monroe is not a “model” beauty but a normal woman with no luck in the men department.  On a Carribean Island for a friend’s wedding that is known for its folklore for having shark warriors who protect the people and the island.  Monroe is relatable and likable, she has self worth issues that all of us have fought with at some point.  With a mysterious “contaminant” in the ocean there is just enough intrigue to have you cheering for the sharks in this one!  When Victoria and Thomas (the ex’s) show up to cause trouble you will be on the edge of your seat.

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MASTER OF THE DEEP (Shark Shifter #2) is an erotic paranormal BBW romance of 41,000 words.


Monroe loves having a strong man who appreciates her curves, but Koenraad is still a stranger, and she can’t get to the bottom of the enigmatic billionaire’s secrets. She learns that the guidebook’s coverage of shark warriors isn’t all lies, but her gut tells her he’s hiding something much bigger.

Shark shapeshifter Koenraad finds out firsthand why it’s dangerous for humans and sharks to mix. He swore to keep Monroe safe during her vacation on the tropical island, but he never imagined the price of his secrets would be paid in blood.





OCEANS UNTAMED (Shark Shifter #3) is an erotic romance of 44,000 words.shark_3smaller-e1415374542980

The extreme measures billionaire shark shifter Koenraad took to save Monroe’s life has made her a target. She needs the shark’s protection more than ever, but when the truth surfaces about the identity of her attacker, she’s too hurt to trust the only one who can help her.

Years of lies and double lives close in on Koenraad with the discovery of a crime scene. He’d thought he had nothing left to lose, but he was wrong. Sexy, curvy Monroe might be the love of his life. Keeping her close is selfish, but letting her go is impossible. Staking his claim feels right, but would it be fair to bind her to an illusion?




BLOOD IN THE WATER (Shark Shifter #4) is 44,000 words.shark_4-full-smaller-e1421398550400

Even though their world is crumbling, Monroe only wants more of Koenraad. She knows it’s dangerous to keep tempting him, but she can’t help herself.

Koenraad struggles against his shifter urges while he tries to fix the life-and-death disasters piling up on his doorstep. If Monroe knew what he was capable of, she’d stop her dangerous games.

He doesn’t want to damage the beautiful human who stole his heart, but there’s only so much teasing a shark can take.




SHARK BURN (Shark Shifter #5) — COMING SOON!sharkburncs











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