Back again after a short absence and I have been running in a streak now, I keep finding what I think are new books and end up being an established series which I get sucked into reading them all.  Good for me I don’t have to wait new books to come out while I get caught  up. In the Forbidden Love series Ms. James has created a story where supernatural beings live out in the open alongside humans.

Angel Knight is a vampire, rock star and the California clan leader.  Who is instantly attracted to Breanna thinking she is his mate.  While Breanna is a feisty redhead that doesn’t have any problem speaking her mind while being terrified by immortals.  She puts on a brave face when dealing with them everyday treating everyone as equals.    The rest of the Knight family of vampires and supernaturals in this story all have well developed characters (Keelie, Phoenix and Brandon hope they soon get their stories too) who I can’t wait to read the rest of their stories.  Angel and Breanna are perfect together as their story flows smoothly with lots of love, humor, tears, excitement, worry and hope along the way.

So if you like Rockstars and Vampires — *some of my favorites*.  This book is a jackpot!  As a super afternoon read

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