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31 May 2017

Bella Italia by Camille Taylor Book Blitz

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Bella Italia Camille Taylor (Heavenly, #1) Publication date: May 30th 2017 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense Small-town wallflower, Adelaide Montgomery has lived an uneventful life—until she witnesses the murder of her best friend… Adelaide clings to the simple security of a home and a wish for family—desires that sent her former fiancé into another woman’s arms. Happy to remain in Heavenly, [...]

31 May 2017

The Royal Treatment by M.J. Summers Book Blitz

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The Royal Treatment M.J. Summers (Crown Jewels Romance #1) Publication date: May 23rd 2017 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance Enough laughs to satisfy fans of Bridget Jones. Enough sparkly shoes and breathtaking ball gowns for fans of Cinderella… Twenty-eight-year-old Tessa Sharpe, a.k.a. The Royal Watchdog, hates everything about Prince Arthur. As far as she’s concerned, he’s an arrogant, lazy leech on [...]

31 May 2017

Smoke and Mirrors by Susan Harris Book Blitz

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Smoke and Mirrors Susan Harris (The Ever Chace Chronicles, #3) Published by: Crimson Tree Publishing Publication date: May 29th 2017 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Ever Chace is a Valkyrie, but not just any Valkyrie—she’s a Valkyrie queen in the making. Torn between the past and present, love and obligation, Ever is terrified of saying the words that would break the [...]

19 May 2017

The Future Of Sex by Aubrey Parker Book Blitz

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The Future of Sex Aubrey Parker (The Future of Sex, #1) Publication date: May 16th 2017 Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Love doesn’t matter. Romance doesn’t exist. In the year 2060, sex is a game of extremes. No desire is unexplored and even the unimaginable is possible. Alexa Mathis, head of the monolithic O Corporation, has found a prodigy she [...]

19 May 2017

Gage by Nana Malone Book Blitz

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Gage Nana Malone (The Player, #6) Publication date: May 16th 2017 Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports Money, power, prestige…Legacy. Gage Coulter is —The Player. His whole life, all, basketball player, Gage Coulter, has heard is how he was meant to play basketball. Meant to be on the court. Meant to be elite. So what happens if he can’t even play [...]

17 May 2017

To End the Rapture by Lori Parker Cover Reveal

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To End the Rapture Lori Parker Publication date: September 4th 2016 Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance My name is Tyler. Yes, I’m a girl. And if you have a demon problem don’t call me, I’m retired. Tyler Reed is done dealing with demons. After suffering a brutal loss at the hands of one, she runs away to a small town [...]

16 May 2017

Hard Liquor by Blair Babylon Book Blitz

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Hard Liquor Blair Babylon (Runaway Billionaires: Arthur Duet, #2) Publication date: May 16th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance London trial lawyer Gen has managed to corral that randy colt His Lordship Arthur Finch-Hatten, the Earl of Severn, at least as far as anyone knows. In public, he seems to be behaving himself, but she’s kind of gotten involved with her [...]

15 May 2017

Looking For Trouble by Stacey Mosteller Book Blitz

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Looking for Trouble Stacey Mosteller (Nashville U #1) Published by: Swoon Romance Publication date: September 20th 2016 Genres: New Adult, Romance She’s: Uptight Sheltered Allergic to fun He’s: Cocky Crude Unapologetic He’s all dirty jokes and curse words, while she’s quiet and shy. She blends into the background, while he is the center of everyone’s attention. Clay Mitchell never expected [...]

14 May 2017

Ever After by Aya Ling Book Blitz

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Ever After Aya Ling (Unfinished Fairy Tale Series, #3) Publication date: May 20th 2017 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Kat has survived. She returns to Athelia as herself, Katherine Wilson. Edward, elated at learning she is alive, vows to bring her back to the palace. The obstacles, however, seem impossible to overcome. Marriage between a royal and a commoner is not [...]

14 May 2017

The Lucky One by Sylvie Stewart Book Blitz

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The Lucky One Sylvie Stewart (Carolina Connections, #3) Publication date: May 11th 2017 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance When your luck runs out, do you run away—or do you stay and fight? Bailey: Let’s get one thing straight. I am not your typical girl. Sure I’ve got all the parts, but I’ve been a stubborn, irreverent tomboy since the womb, as [...]

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