18 Jul 2017

Midnight Show by Mira Day Release Blast

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Title: Midnight Show Author: Mira Day Genre: Suspense Release Date: July 18, 2017 My Jenny.  Best friends since we were five years old. She was there for me when I lost my mom. There for me when my dad used me as a punching bag. She was my rock and I needed her more than she ever knew.  It's been so [...]

13 Jul 2017

Watch Over by Amy Reece Release Blitz

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Title: Watch Over Series: The DeLucas Family #1 Author: Amy Reece Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense Release Date: July 11, 2017 Publisher: Limitless Publishing Melanie Blythe has a house, a career, and a cat. She doesn’t need a man. But she isn’t the only one who’s noticed the gorgeous cop down the street. When her faithless cat prances home from the cop’s [...]

31 May 2017

Bella Italia by Camille Taylor Book Blitz

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Bella Italia Camille Taylor (Heavenly, #1) Publication date: May 30th 2017 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense Small-town wallflower, Adelaide Montgomery has lived an uneventful life—until she witnesses the murder of her best friend… Adelaide clings to the simple security of a home and a wish for family—desires that sent her former fiancé into another woman’s arms. Happy to remain in Heavenly, [...]

29 May 2017

Scarred by Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele Review

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Scarred by Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele Ruthless Rebels MC #3 Whitton ‘Skinny’ Thorne – scarred skin only covers a beautiful soul. Bitter with a capital B. Life has been hell from the beginning when Whitton was burned as an infant, yet as much as he pushes me away I’m always coming back for more. When I finally let go, [...]

29 May 2017

Notice by K. Webster Cover Reveal

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Notice by K. Webster Publication Date: June 6, 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance, Suspense I didn’t notice her before…but now I do. The shiny strands of gold in her silky brown hair. Tiny crinkles between her eyebrows when she frowns. Her passion for neatness. Once I focus on her, I can’t take my eyes from my newest obsession. Ever. [...]

16 May 2017

Grunt by Kailee Feese Samuels Cover Reveal

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Title: Grunt Series: SOS Author: Kailee Reese Samuels Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense Release Date: May 30, 2017   Six days. No one thought I could last Here in the cell—I now call home They didn’t know I grew up in the prison of my crime family’s dream. Six weeks. No one thought I could withstand The loss, the drugs, the [...]

5 May 2017 by Ada Scott Cover Reveal

By | 2017-05-05T08:38:53+00:00 May 5, 2017|Categories: Ada Scott, Another Book Hangover, Cover Reveals, Featured|Tags: , , , |0 Comments Ada Scott Publication date: May 26th 2017 Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense I want you to be my first, Daddy… AMY I sold my innocence for over a million dollars. Don’t judge me. You have no idea how far I’d go to save my Mom and our home. This was the only thing I had that could bring in [...]

5 May 2017

Streets of Glass by Michelle D. Argyle Book Blitz

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Streets of Glass Michelle D. Argyle Publication date: May 1st 2017 Genres: New Adult, Suspense, Thriller Eighteen year-old Starry is destined to take over her father’s powerful drug syndicate. But when she finds out he has kept her only sister a secret from her, she can’t trust him anymore. Furious, Starry vows to find Emma, even though she knows her [...]

4 May 2017

Dangerous Interference by BJ Wane Blog Tour

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DANGEROUS INTERFERENCE BJ Wane Genre: Erotic Romance, Suspense, Spanking, Menage Publisher: Stormy Night Publications Publication Date: January 6, 2017 Add to Goodreads After her sister goes missing, Alena Malloy travels to Blue Springs, Maine—her sister’s last known location—to track her down. As she begins her search, however, Alena’s efforts quickly bring her into conflict with Randy Janzen, the local sheriff, [...]

29 Apr 2017

Fluff by Kailee Reese Samuels Cover Reveal

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Title: Fluff Author: Kailee Reese Samuels Genre: NA Romance/Suspense Published: June 11, 2017   She needs to escape.   AMBER His assistant hired me on a whim, thinking I would be just what he needed. Boy, was she right. I bounced into his dressing room and discovered the famous actor held dual personalities – a nasty player and the naughty [...]

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