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17 May 2017

Thicker Than Blood by Anne Marie Citro Release Blitz

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  🎉🎉🎉 NEW BOOK RELEASE! 🎉🎉🎉 How can you feel safest with the person who has hurt you the most? THICKER THAN BLOOD Anne Marie Citro Series: Sistas, Book 3 Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance Publication Date: May 5, 2017 Add to Goodreads Every paramedic’s worst nightmare is to arrive at the scene of a horrific accident and find [...]

13 May 2017

Under Her Wings by Anne Marie Citro Book Tour

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Have you ever wondered why you're so lucky? Then you wake up and it's all gone. UNDER HER WINGS Anne Marie Citro Series: Sistas Book 1 Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Publication Date: August 1, 2016 Add to Goodreads Wishing for death while living through hell, Gabriella is rescued off the rocks of a Scottish loch at the lowest moment [...]

8 May 2017

Searching For Sarah by Julieann Dove Release Blitz

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While searching for Mr. Right, Sarah found something completely different. SEARCHING FOR SARAH Julieann Dove Series: The Sarah Series # 1 Genre: Women's Fiction Publication Date: April 27, 2017 Add to Goodreads Sarah Keller is convinced that her Mr. Right is stuck in traffic…in another country…on another planet. ‘Thirty-one and still single’ isn’t how she wants to be introduced by [...]

5 May 2017

Starr Gone by Kim Briggs Cover Reveal

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  ⭐⭐⭐ Unveiling a new cover ⭐⭐⭐ STARR GONE by Kim Briggs Series: Starr Fall Series, Book 3 Genre: Young Adult Contemporary, YA Romance, YA Thriller Publication Date: June 3, 2017 Add to Goodreads A Starr gone. A team betrayed. You never know who your true friends are until a gun’s pointed at you. One will take a bullet, and [...]

4 May 2017

Dangerous Interference by BJ Wane Blog Tour

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DANGEROUS INTERFERENCE BJ Wane Genre: Erotic Romance, Suspense, Spanking, Menage Publisher: Stormy Night Publications Publication Date: January 6, 2017 Add to Goodreads After her sister goes missing, Alena Malloy travels to Blue Springs, Maine—her sister’s last known location—to track her down. As she begins her search, however, Alena’s efforts quickly bring her into conflict with Randy Janzen, the local sheriff, [...]

2 May 2017

The Highwayman’s Proposal by Vanessa Liebe Blog Tour

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Why does Lady Godwin find it so hard to obey her highwayman? THE HIGHWAYMAN'S PROPOSAL Vanessa Liebe Series: The Blakeney Brother Adventures, Book 3 Genre: Historical Erotic Romance Publisher: Blushing Books Publication Date: April 12, 2017 Add to Goodreads Gabriel Blakeney is a man who protects those he loves at all costs. If that means becoming a highwayman to help [...]

1 May 2017

What He Wants by Tory Richards Release Blitz

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He'll claim her to protect her when trouble from her past comes calling. WHAT HE WANTS Tory Richards Series: Phantom Riders MC # 3 Genre: Erotic MC Romance Publication Date: April 20, 2017 Add to Goodreads Big John is club enforcer to Phantom Riders MC. He's big and scary and he sets his sights on the new girl in town [...]

29 Apr 2017

Silk & Scholar by Cassandra Dean Blog Tour

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The much anticipated next installment of the Silk series is finally here! Will a firebrand and her antagonist discover passion of a different kind? SILK & SCHOLAR Cassandra Dean Series: The Silk Series, Book 4 Genre: Historical Romance, Sweet Romance, Victorian Romance Publisher: Decadent Publishing Publication Date: March 7, 2017 Add to Goodreads Most ladies dream of finding a husband, [...]

28 Apr 2017

A Mortal Indiscretion by Barbra E. Ross Blog Tour

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A Man. A Vampire. A love story. A MORTAL INDISCRETION: AUTHOR'S CUT Barbra E. Ross Genre: Paranormal Romance, Suspense Publication Date: April 27, 2016 Add to Goodreads One night changed everything for bachelor Justin Bertolli. A womanizer at heart, never quite ready to settle down, he meets the woman who would change his life forever. Ambra Taylor is that woman, [...]

26 Apr 2017

No Relationship Required by Amelia James Release Blitz

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It's all about business, until temptation raises the stakes NO RELATIONSHIP REQUIRED Amelia James Series: A Warning Labels Novel Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Limitless Publishing Publication Date: April 25, 2017 Add to Goodreads No one knows Wyatt Ryder’s secret—and no one ever will. Fear rules his life, as he hides behind a golden boy façade of a high-rise penthouse, a [...]

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