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Title: Wolf Kiss
Series: Warrior Wolves #1
Author: Christine DePetrillo
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 17, 2017



Reardon McAlator kills anyone’s enemies for the right price. Victory comes easy
to him and his fierce army… until one day, they meet their match. Faced with
the possibility of destroying their legendary winning streak, Reardon takes
action. He makes his men more like him and angers the wrong Celtic goddess.
Banished from her protection, he wakes up alone in a different place, in a
different time, and in a world of pain. He must do something worthy to get home
to Ireland, but maybe home isn’t where he thought it was.
biologist Dr. Brandy Wendon cares for wolves—and her sister’s son, Dylan—at
Silver Moon Wolf Sanctuary in the woods of Vermont. She loves everything about
her work, including secretly researching clinical lycanthropy just for the fun
of it. It’s what nerds do. Brandy stays busy, but in the lonely hours of the
night, she can’t deny something is missing. If only she could find that soul
mate people are always mentioning. As if one perfect match for her really
When a
pained howl echoes from the dark forest beyond the sanctuary fence, Brandy
meets a wolf unlike any to cross her path. Why does she grow instantly
connected to him? Why does he become so important to her?
She’ll only
get answers if she accepts a wolf kiss.



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Author Bio

Christine DePetrillo can often be found hugging trees,
conversing with dragonflies, and walking barefoot through sun-warmed soil.
She finds joy in listening to the wind, bathing in moonlight, and breathing in
the fragrances of things that bloom. If she had her way, the sky would be the
only roof over her head.
Her love of nature seeps into every story she tells. As does her obsession with
bearded mountain men who build, often smell like sawdust, and know how to
cherish the women they love. Today she writes tales meant to make you laugh,
maybe make you sweat, and definitely make you believe in the power of love.

She lives in Rhode Island and occasionally Vermont with her pack—a husband, a
cat, and a big, black German Shepherd who defends her fiercely from all evils.

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