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Elizabeth and the Magic of Dragons (Fated Alpha Series Book 3) by Ava Mason

An ancient book destroyed. A kingdom threatened. A Paranormal Romance.

Elizabeth travels to Aerwyna with her four dragon protectors, a magical place she didn’t know existed, where dragon shifters live out in the open. Upon their arrival, they’re told that if they can’t repair a rare magical book that they accidentally destroyed, Elizabeth will be escorted back to her home with the order to never return.

Refusing to live without Elizabeth, the men delve into the magical world to determine how to repair the ancient artifact. Soon they discover that the Queen’s fate is tied to the book, and the consequences of their accident could shake the very foundation of her Kingdom.

But the sacrifice to repair it is high, and Elizabeth may have to choose between saving the Kingdom and the four passionate and protective warriors who have staked their claim on Elizabeth.

Can Elizabeth keep the men who saved her from her painful past? Or will she have to sacrifice them to save the whole dragon race? And if not, can she choose between the four men who now possess her heart, body and soul?

***Elizabeth and the Magic of Dragons is Book Three of the Fated Alpha Series. Each book features a paranormal romance, with one woman and four sexy, demanding and protective shifters. ***

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