Title: Can’t Wait Collection Box Set
Author: Dani Wyatt
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2019
If you like your reads fast, hard and with love at the speed
of a look, dive into the CAN’T WAIT collection.
This bundle also includes a NEVER
book, Our Turn!  You
get three of Dani’s hottest novellas along with an exclusive new read only included here.
Get your hot read on!
The Collection


#1 Keeping Her Close
Black Rousseau has honored the code and kept his distance
from the one thing in this world that means something to him. But things are
about to change. Black’s just received the blessing he’s been waiting for since
the moment he set eyes on his boss’ daughter.

Book One in the CAN’T WAIT series of standalones.


Growing up in the biker bar her father owned, Roxie Lear dreams of getting out
of Hell, Michigan. The only other thing she’s always wanted is Black Rousseau.
But he treats her like she doesn’t exist. Until the day her father goes to
prison, that is. And Black lets her know what’s been boiling behind his cool
indifference all these years.
Will Black’s preparations to claim Roxie once and for all be too much for her?
Will the darkness inside of him frighten away the only thing in this world he’s
ever needed?
Author note: This alpha is a little dark and a bit brutal but he cherishes what
is his. As always, this story is safe/no cheating with the perfect happy
ending. Strap on your wrist cuffs and your safe word, this hot quickie of a
smutty read will have you questioning your morals and wiggling in your


#2 Back to Her
Going to prison and taking the fall was my gift to Mia. How
was I to know her father would disappear with her and I would lose her forever?
After serving my five years I’m finally out, but bars or no bars, I’m still in

Book Two in the CAN’T WAIT standalone series.


I never believed in miracles until today. Because I’ve found her. All plush
softness, sorrowful eyes and lips that call to be kissed. She’s right here in
the same place I’d met her all those years ago when she was too young. Before I
could touch her.
There is no force on heaven or earth that will take her from me again. No force
that will keep my hands off her now. I will take her. I will do as I please
with her because she is mine. Now and forever. God help us both.
Author’s Note: Take five years waiting for her to be legal. Then another five
locked up in prison and you’ve got one powder keg of alpha naughtiness waiting
to explode. This love at the speed of light novella will warm your heart and
your nether regions. All you expect…safe, smutty, swoony and happily ever


#3 Let Go
Rockstar. Actor. Entrepreneur. I’m Lachlan Marcus, and I
just walked out on my empire. I bought a ball cap and a pair of cheap
sunglasses and took the first bus leaving the station.

I landed in a small town looking straight into the eyes of an angel with auburn
curls and curves that bring to life my inner barbarian, determined to make her
mine. She’s naïve, yet wise, and sees directly into my soul like no one ever

Within twenty-four hours, I’ve got her inside the wedding chapel and my last
name attached to her.


Only she has no idea who I really am. I represent everything in this world
she’s been taught to distrust.
The life I left has come calling, and I’m losing her before our life together
can even begin.
Author’s Note: This famous hero hasn’t touched a woman in longer than he can
remember, and she’s never been kissed. They don’t waste any time heating up the
pages and making up for what they’ve been missing. This super-fast steamy read
is safe, no cheating and has the best kind of happy ending.
Book Three in the CAN’T WAIT standalone series.


#4 Our Turn
She didn’t think I saw her. Hiding behind her ball cap and
baggy clothes, but Jesus, did I see her.
I’ve followed her, spied on her, stalked her. 
See, I’m not a good guy.
I’ve never wanted anyone in my life except my clients.  The only people in my life take from me and I
take back with forty-percent on top and maybe a few broken fingers.
With one phone call everything changes.  The shy, kind beauty I’ve set my sights on
can never be mine.  Not in the way I’ve
imagined every night for half a year.
How will I ever look her in those silver eyes and not think of taking
her in all the filthy ways I’ve imagined?
It’s wrong.  So very wrong.
Only things aren’t what they seem.  Fate opens the door, and I’m not just going
to walk through; I’m doing to kick it down.
When she finds out who I am− what I am− it may all be over anyway. Until
then, I’m chasing down what’s mine, even if it’s wrong.
Author’s Note:  It’s
the most taboo sort of misunderstanding but makes these two struggle to come to
terms with what they are feeling.  It’s
fast, hard, and all the best sort of smutty. So, sit back, suspend reality, and
take a happily ever after ride. Safe, no cheating, and all the usual
naughtiness you expect.  And, just for
the record, no one is actually related, it’s all on the up and up.



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Author Bio


Dani Wyatt used to feel bad about having such dirty
thoughts. Luckily, one day she decided to start writing them down. Her uber
alpha heros have a wicked possessive streak and an insatiable libido. Her
heroines are intelligent, quirky and worry about having too much muffin top.
With her books, you can count on a heaping helping of HOT, a dash of rough and
always a happily ever after.
When she’s not writing (which is not often) she is probably laughing about some
irony (like A-1 Steak Sauce is vegan), riding her horse, wondering why The
Walking Dead can’t have a new episode every night, or looking cross-eyed at
some piece of technology sent to ruin her day.


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