Why does Lady Godwin find it so hard
to obey her highwayman?
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Vanessa Liebe
Series: The Blakeney Brother Adventures, Book 3
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
Publisher: Blushing Books
Publication Date: April 12, 2017
Gabriel Blakeney is a man who protects those he loves at all costs. If that means becoming a highwayman to help support the community that raised him, then that’s what he’ll do. Risking his life each night, he robs from the rich to redistribute among the poor. He does it to survive. But what he’d really like is to find a woman of his own to protect and love. Despairing of ever finding her, things change one night when he meets Lady Caroline Godwin. Here is a lady who needs protecting all right—from herself.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. And Lady Godwin is desperate. Her father has lost a fortune at cards and is bed bound after a stroke. Somehow, she must raise the money within a month or lose her home. Worse, she may be forced to marry the despicable Lord Shard—her father’s creditor—to protect the family name and pay the debt. Frantic, Lady Caroline remembers being held up a few weeks ago. She makes the audacious decision to rob the handsome highwayman. But Caroline gets far more than she bargained for.
With card sharps, traitors, and the militia to worry about, Gabriel and Caroline find danger ever present. He is determined to keep her safe throughout, even if that means a trip over his knee.
Publisher’s note: This romance contains elements of discipline, and explicitly described sexual encounters.
The story is full of twists and turns, passion, punishments, theft, schemes, setting a trap, seeking revenge and gaining restitution.
– Kathy Heare Watts, Goodreads Reviewer
A heartwarming adventure. This book is a delightful, feel-good journey, with some mild discipline scenes and moderate love scenes. It is full of humor, danger and adventure, with well-developed characters and an interesting twist.
– Dyane, Amazon Reviewer

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“I thought you said I could trust you.”

Oh dear. He was furious with her. And rightly so. She had disobeyed him. Placed herself in extreme danger.

“Come out, Caroline.”

She jumped at the angry growl. Then reluctantly came out from behind the tree, walking toward him. It was no use hiding from him. No doubt he’d only come after her, making it worse. He’d already dismounted and stood glaring at her behind his eye mask.

“I can explain,” she said.

“It had better be good.”

“It is.” Caroline was confident that Gabe would understand once he heard of Lord Shard’s visit. She came to stand in front of him, turning to watch the coach disappearing into the distance.

“Are you hurt at all?” His question drew her attention back to him. “Only a few scrapes from diving out of the way.”

She saw his jaw tighten. “You could have been killed.”

She knew that, swallowing deeply, suddenly on the verge of tears now that the reality of her close encounter with death was sinking in. “I know.”

Without further comment, Gabe turned away, leading his stallion out of the road. He walked over to Caroline’s mare and grabbed the reins. Then he led both horses into the woods, away from the road. Caroline didn’t question his actions, she merely followed. It was better if they found somewhere quiet, out of sight of the road, for her to explain why she had robbed that coach on her own.

However, she frowned as they seemed to go deep into the woods. The distance was rather excessive, she thought, for a simple talk between them, before they then hopefully robbed another coach—together this time. About to ask him why they were going so far, Caroline closed her mouth again, when they entered a small clearing. She stood still, watching him secure the horses to a tree. Anger was obvious in his jerky movements, and all of a sudden, she was feeling concerned that he was going to refuse to help her anymore.

“I’m sorry, Gabe,” she blurted, approaching him.

He swung around. “Did you get any valuables?”

She winced at the barely controlled fury in his voice. He ignored her apology. Then fumbling inside her cloak, she brought the pouch out. “Yes. Look.” She opened the pouch, tipping the diamond jewelry out into her hand.

He grunted. “Well, at least you got something for endangering your life like that. For disobeying me, Caroline.”

She bit her lip to stop it trembling as she stared at him, hoping for a softening in his stance. It didn’t happen. She lowered her head, looking at the jewelry. He didn’t understand. She’d had to do it. As she put the items back in the pouch, she glanced back up. “Let me explain, please.” He made a move of his head to indicate she could.

Caroline put the pouch back into her cloak, took a deep breath and spoke, “I was desperate, Gabe. Lord Shard came to visit me today. He was going to reduce the deadline by two weeks. He was going to leave me with only a week to pay him back!”

Gabe clenched his fists at his sides, but he didn’t comment. Somehow that made it easier for Caroline to continue. Brushing away a tear, she did so. “He, he wants me to fail so that I’m forced to, to marry him. He made lewd suggestions and was going to touch me, but I threatened him with a paper knife.” She paused for breath, beseeching Gabe with her eyes for him to understand. “He’s made it clear that he likes women to struggle against him and my behavior aroused him. Luckily for me though, he decided not to attack me and he’s given me two weeks rather than reducing it to just one. One less week than I had.”

“Ah, sweetheart.” Gabe moved, opening his arms and Caroline went into them. He hugged her to him, comforting her. She breathed in the delicious scent of him, laying her head on his chest, closing her eyes for a moment, enjoying being held by him.

“Now you know why I acted so recklessly. I had no way of contacting you, Gabe and I need to rob several coaches a night if I am to avoid ruin.”

“I understand,” he said gruffly.

She smiled. All was well between them again.

“But you still disobeyed me, Caroline. I can’t risk it happening again if we are to continue.” She stiffened in his arms, then leaned back to look up at him. Surely, he didn’t mean to carry out his threat?

* * *

Despite her emotive explanation, Gabe was going to have to spank her. It was for her own good. She had taken years off his life when he saw her dive for cover under that coach as the coachman attempted to shoot her. If he hadn’t been riding toward her house earlier than agreed and seen the coach held up, he might have been too late. Although he understood how desperation had made her act on her own, she had still planned this knowing she was disobeying him. He was also convinced she had hoped to commit the robbery in plenty of time to meet him, ensuring he was none the wiser. Except it had gone wrong.

Gabe cupped a soft cheek in one hand. “Tell me truthfully, Caroline. Did you hope I wouldn’t know about this?” A guilty look immediately appeared on her face and she nodded. “I thought so. That’s mostly why I’m going to spank you, sweetheart. You said I could trust you, but I can’t.”

“But Gabe…”

“Hush.” He placed a finger against her lips. “You need this. I don’t want you to ever endanger yourself in such a way again. I also want to be able to trust you.”

“You can. I won’t ever do it again without you, Gabe.” She pleaded for forgiveness from him with her eyes. However, he had to discipline her. She needed smarting buttocks to remind her.


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Vanessa Liebe is the author of fun, sexy erotic romance and erotica, both contemporary and historical. She mostly writes in the Fantasy and Paranormal categories as she likes a man with bite.
Vanessa is married with three children and resides in Hampshire, South East England. When not house training her children, reading or writing, she likes to sit in the garden with a glass of rose wine.
Official website: https://vanessaliebe.com/
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